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AC Delray
DBS1999MC1 Ac Delray 99 Boys ES_B181
DBS2000MC1 Ac Delray 00 Boys ES_B171
DBS2000MC1 Ac Delray 00 Boys RS_B172
DBS2001MC1 Ac Delray 01 Boys ES_B161
DBS2003MC1 Ac Delray 2003 Boys RS_B142N
DBS2004FC1 Ac Delray 2004 Girls RS_G131
DBS2005MC1 Ac Delray 2005 Boys RS_B122N
DBS2006FC1 Ac Delray 2006 Girls RS_G112N
DBS2006MC1 Ac Delray 2006 Boys RS_B112N
DBS2007MC1 Ac Delray 2007 Boys Tiempo RS_B102N
DBS2007MC2 Ac Delray 2007 Vapor RS_B103N
DBS2008MC1 Ac Delray 2008 Boys Tiempo RS_B092N
DBS2008MC2 Ac Delray 2008 Boys Vapor RS_B093N
Boca Juniors Soccer Club
BJS1998MC1 Ppo Heat Strikers B19u ES_B191
BJS1998MC1 Boca Raton Juniors Sc 1999 19u RS_B191
BJS2001MC1 fcbefl U16 Blue RS_B162
BJS2002MC1 Boca Raton Juniors Sc 2002 15u RS_B152N
BJS2002MC2 Fcbefl U15 Blue RS_B152N
BJS2003MC1 Brjsc Boynton United Fc 2003 RS_B141
BJS2003MC2 Fcbefl U14 Blue RS_B142N
BJS2003MC3 Fcbefl U14 Red RS_B143
BJS2003MC5 Brjsc Ksa-boca Raton 2003 RS_B142N
BJS2004MC1 Fcbefl U13 Blue RS_B132N
BJS2005MC1 Fcbefl 12u Blue RS_B122N
BJS2005MC2 Fcbefl 12u Red RS_B123
BJS2005MC3 Fcbefl U12 Yellow RS_B123
BJS2005MC4 Brjsc Ksa-boca Raton 2005 RS_B123
BJS2006MC1 Brjsc Ksa-boca Raton 2006 RS_B112N
BJS2008MC1 Brjsc Ksa-boca Raton 2008 RS_B093N
Boca United
UTD1998MC1 Boca United 98-99 Pre-academy XS_B191
UTD2000MC1 Boca United 2000 Pre-academy XS_B171
UTD2001MC1 Boca United 2001 Pre-academy XS_B161
UTD2002MC1 Boca United 2002 Pre-academy XS_B151
UTD2003FC2 Boca United 2003 Npl Girls ES_G141
UTD2003FC2 Boca United 2003 Npl Girls RS_G141
UTD2003MC1 Boca United 2003 Pre Academy ES_B141
UTD2003MC2 Boca United 2003 Preacademy Ii RS_B143
UTD2004FC1 Boca United 2004 Pre-ecnl ES_G131
UTD2004FC1 Boca United 2004 Pre-ecnl RS_G131
UTD2005FC1 Boca United Girls 2005 Gold RS_G122N
UTD2005MC1 Boca United 2005 Preacademy I RS_B122N
UTD2005MC2 Boca United 2005 Preacademy Ii RS_B122N
UTD2006FC1 Boca United Girls 2006 Gold RS_G112N
UTD2006MC1 Boca United Boys 2006 Gold RS_B111N
UTD2006MC2 Boca United Boys 2006 Black RS_B112N
UTD2006MC3 Boca United Boys 2006 White RS_B113
UTD2007FC1 Boca United Girls 2007 Gold RS_G103
UTD2007MC1 Boca United Boys 2007 Gold RS_B102N
UTD2007MC2 Boca United Boys 2007 Black RS_B103N
UTD2008MC1 Boca United Boys 2008 Gold RS_B092N

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